Looking for 3D or Coding internship?

Polywick is a different studio

Who can apply?

We post job postings

What if my code isn't presentable on Github?

You can use Gitlab, Bitbucket. You can do tutorials for your code.

We require, for example, the code for your Unity or Unreal projects.

Do you offer work-from-home internships?

Internships are on-site at our office. We may do WFH on specific projects.

From prior experience, if you're an introvert, or the kind that keeps quiet, getting instant help from senior artists or devs. on a one-on-one basis helps alot and helps you grow. You should factor when deciding which company to do your internship.

Do you do foreign internships?

If you're a foreign student, you must be studying in the Philippines or residing in the Philippines. Our internships are on-site.

What kind of developer you're looking for?

We work on C++ and Python.

Your github portfolio should show, you can code Unreal dialogs interactions in C++ and handle complex things, such as interactive player movement using WASD, and reacting to enemies, along with debugging that.

So that means, attaching physics so the character doesn’t drop underground, or go through walls, or not float around uneven terrain. We need to know how you do it, and show the working out via gizmos or logs.

Suppose, you save a X, Y, Z of a character that instantiate 1m below the terrain. what would you do to prevent the character falling endlessly? How would you prevent wall-hacks? How would you prevent floating characters on uneven terrain? If a player goes to the edge of the terrain, how will you prevent him falling off?

Next, how will you handle crawl, switching different swords or armour?

For dialogs, are you using a self-made component? Are you using behavior trees or scripting or Finite State Machne (FSM)? And how will you show the state of the dialog system at a certain player-time in-game?

Suppose, you have multiple questgivers, like 4 or 5 quest-givers. How will you script so that doing 2 full quests and 1 partial quest is saved and loaded correctly?

Suppose, if branched dialog (i.e., giving the player a list of options and dialog-responses) how will you do it? If more quests are added, how will you make sure an older version and newer version of the same game, works without crashing on non-existent data, or truncate newer player-data?

Can you read other people’s code?

Can you identify or fix bugs based on a description of the bug?

Can you code a feature based on a set of descriptions?

What kind of 3D Artist are you looking at?

We work on Blender and Krita.

Your 3d portfolio should show, at least, a vehicle, a character, game-objects and environments. Your 3D models should show good topology.

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